Little Kangaroo retail store has a wide range of collection on kids clothes and their other unique cloth accessories. Each and every cloth items we placed in our retail store have carefully chosen to meet the present fashion trends in the market place and also to maintain the quality we promised to our customers.
Our retail store is dedicated to all cool kiddos with their own amazing individuality, fantastic charisma and imagination, to those who dance to their own tune, see beautiful in ordinary things and bravely explore their own Dreamland. We believe that childhood is too short to wear boring clothes.

The idea of starting this new retail store in Valanchery town is not emerged in one day, we have decided to start this new business venture after seeing the market scenario and its requirements since long period of time. The scarcity of quality and branded kids clothing in the region makes us to bring something valuable to the consumers of the region. The high price range of kids clothing offered by other players in the market place are often forgets or neglects the quality of products, bringing wide selection of kids clothes, new fashion trends etc. and which is inevitable for every fashion retailer. As a socially responsible new organization we the little kangaroo kids clothing retail store in the town of Valanchery promises our customers high quality kids clothing products, with wide selection of kids clothing and with new fashion trends at a best affordable market price.